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Algonquin Land Claim-Draft Deal

In December a Draft Agreement in Principal was reached by the negotiators for the Algonquins and Provincial Government. The draft agreement will be presented to the Algonquins for ratification which will allow the negotiations to move forward to conclusion. That process is expected to take another 3 to 5 years. The main elements of the agreement are:

  • transfer of $300 million to Algonquins of Ontario
  • tranfer of not less that 117,000 acres of Provincial Crown land to Algonquin ownership
  • recommended approaches for: harvesting rights, forestry, parks and protected areas, Algonquin Heritage and Culture and Algonquin eligibility and enrollment

Locally the lands involved in the Round Lake area are shown in the inset figure.

The full document is available at

Algonquin Land Claim

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Hazard/cautionary buoys will be in place on Round Lake from June 15th to September 30th. Although an effort is made to mark some hazards, the RLPOA is not responsible to insure all hazards are marked or continue to be marked. Every individual operator of a watercraft is solely responsible for safe boating including the avoidance of any water hazards.

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